Our unique, unbaked granolas are made in small batches mainly by hand so that you can taste the care in every wonderful flavor. They're also so versatile that you can enjoy every granola as cereal, in gluten free parfaits or even as a topping for apple crisp. And with our special unbaked granola process, they'll get you with the crispy yet slightly chewy consistency that won't scrape the top of your mouth like hard, baked granolas!

"I love, love, love your vanilla caramel granola!"  ~Linda Wagner, Regina, SK

Granola:  Vanilla Cinnamon - Retiring
Granola:  Vanilla Caramel - NEW!
Granola- Blueberry Maple - NEW!
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Bulk Granola:  Vanilla Caramel - NEW Formula
Bulk Granola:  Blueberry Maple - NEW Formula
Bulk Granola:  Vanilla Cinnamon - NEW Formula
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