We seek out the highest quality, natural ingredients from suppliers that take the top 11 food allergens and gluten control as seriously as we do.  Nothing else will do.

What you see is what you get.  If it’s not detailed on this list, we simply don’t use it.  There are no hidden preservatives, fillers, processing aids or additional vitamins and minerals.  And because we believe that consumers should have a choice about ingesting genetically modified foods, all ingredients are documented as non-GMO.

For information about our dedicated facility and specific allergen declarations, please see our Allergen Declarations page.


All natural dried chunks of apples are full of flavor and have absolutely nothing else added.  You’ll even see that our apples are brown because they have no sulfites on them.  And because all that is removed in the drying process is water, you still get all the fantastic health benefits of eating an apple like soluble fiber and Vitamins A and C.


Our soft and delicious dried blueberries add tangy flavour plus fiber and antioxidants to our products.  Most dried blueberries have added refined sugar or corn syrup and sulfites.  We’ve chosen to avoid those by choosing blueberries sweetened with apple juice concentrate.  They then have a very light spray of sunflower oil which just helps them not stick to each other. 

Ingredients:  blueberries, apple juice concentrate and less than 1% sunflower oil.

Brown rice syrup

This certified gluten free syrup is made enzymatically from whole brown rice and is a honey-colored syrup with a mild flavor.  We use it to both sweeten and stick together our granola bars and granolas.


Colorful and tangy, our soft, dried cranberries add a zip wherever we use them.  Sweetened with apple juice concentrate, they also add fiber and nutrients like Vitamin C.

Ingredients:  cranberries, apple juice concentrate and less than 1% sunflower oil.

Crisp rice

Certified gluten free, this puffed crisp rice puts the crunch in our granolas and granola bars.  This is the one ingredient we bring into our facility that is not strictly vegan because it has honey in it. 

Ingredients:  rice flour, rice bran, raisin juice concentrate, honey, salt.

Expeller pressed canola oil

Canola is well-regarded as heart healthy oil because of its high monosaturated fat content, similar to that of olive oil.  Canola oil in mass manufacturing is typically extracted through the use of hexane.  When canola oil is expeller pressed, it means that it is extracted through crushing instead.

Unfortunately, canola has one of the highest percentages of genetically modified crops in North America.  Our canola oil is grown on the Canadian prairies using non-GM seed and complies with Canadian non-GM labeling regulations (the USA currently has no regulations in place for labeling GMOs).

Natural flavors (vanilla, maple)

You’ll see natural flavors in our products only when indicated both on the product name (i.e. blueberry maple granola) and in the ingredient list as “natural flavor”.  Flavors are used sparingly in our granolas to add a touch of flavor without overpowering.

Organic 55% cocoa chocolate mini chips

Manufactured for us in a dedicated top 11 allergen and gluten free, Kosher, organic and fair trade facility in Peru, this is chocolate the way it’s meant to be enjoyed.  Between a semi-sweet chocolate chip (36% cocoa) and a true dark chocolate (70% cocoa), you get the lower sugar but creamy benefits of this divine origin chocolate.

Mini means it is a 4M count (4 000 chips per pound) whereas a regular size chocolate chip is a 1M count (1 000 chips per pound).  We use this mini size to give consistent chocolate in every bite.

Ingredients:  organic evaporated cane sugar, organic chocolate liquor (also known as cocoa mass), organic cocoa butter.

Organic allspice

Also known as Jamaican pepper, this warm, aromatic spice adds that touch of pumpkin pie flavor to our pumpkin pie oatmeal.  Certified both organic and gluten free, allspice tastes like a blend of spices but actually comes from a tropical evergreen berry.

Organic cinnamon

Certified organic and gluten free, we use both ground cinnamon and cinnamon sticks we grind ourselves for best flavor and aroma.  It has a long history as a medicine but we love it best for the deliciousness it adds to many of our products.

Organic fair trade cocoa

Manufactured for us in the same Peruvian facility as our organic 55% cocoa chocolate chips, this is a rich, natural cocoa that imparts deep flavor in our double chocolate chunk granola bars.  And because none of the top 11 food allergens or gluten are in this facility, you get peace of mind.

Organic evaporated cane sugar

White cane sugar is often filtered through bone char, bleached and then refined and white beet sugar is now most prevalently made from genetically modified sugar beets.  Evaporated cane sugar (sometimes known as evaporated cane juice) is still sugar to your body and while it retains more minerals than refined, you’d have to eat an awful lot to get the health benefits.  So we’re not going to pretend this sugar has a health halo but we know that it’s grown organically and has been naturally evaporated and that’s worth it.  And while many companies mention proudly how much sugar they go through in a year, we’re proud of how little we use.

Pumpkin seeds

Raw seeds are a nutritional treasure-trove in a tiny package.  Pumpkin seeds are a source of zinc and have no added sodium like many roasted seeds do. 

While we purchase these from a Canadian company, we’ve discovered that all raw pumpkin seeds in North America come from China.  Shocked?  We were too, especially since we know pumpkins are grown in North America.  While we can get North American roasted seeds, no raw seeds are to be had.  Finally, we were told by a supplier that no machinery exists in North America for raw pumpkin seed shelling, only for roasted.  Therefore, all raw pumpkin seeds, including organic, are shelled by hand where it is cheap; China.

Thankfully, the Chinese pumpkin seed supplier and our Canadian distributor have recognized the North American standards we must maintain.  The facility we get our seeds from is dedicated to pumpkin seeds only and maintains strict International ISO Certification standards.   This includes 3rd party North American and European auditors who audit for everything from cleanliness to allergen safe practices.


Most raisins start out as fresh grapes that are sprayed with sulfites (a preservative and top 11 food allergen) to inhibit decay.  Instead, our raisins are sun dried and packaged in a facility in California without any application of sulfites.  So what you get is a naturally sweet, chewy raisin to enjoy.

Sunflower seeds

Our sunflower seeds are grown and milled for us on the Canadian prairies. Sunflower seeds have monosaturated fats which are known to be heart healthy.  And as a great source of Vitamin E plus protein, a little goes a long way in helping your tummy feel full longer.

Sea salt

Sea salt is produced by evaporating and purifying ocean water as opposed to table salt which is mined and often has added iodine.  Our salt does contain the natural mineral magnesium carbonate which allows the salt to be free flowing.

Whole grain oats

Not just any whole grain oat gets chosen to be in Libre Naturals’ products. We've chosen a cooperative of farmers from the nutrient rich Canadian prairies who control all aspects of oat production to ensure that the oats are not cross contaminated with the gluten containing grains of wheat, barley, rye and their relatives.

First, the growing fields must be free of wheat, barley, rye, triticale, spelt and kamut for 3 years before planting approved pedigreed oat varieties. The farmers follow strict protocols throughout the growing and harvesting season to ensure that cross-contamination of the unwanted gluten containing grains doesn't take place. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency also inspects these special oat crops in the fields and the dedicated mill that they will be processed in later. Prior to arriving at that mill, all oats are tested for gluten. If any test positive, they are not allowed to be transported to the dedicated gluten free and allergy friendly mill.

Once the oats have cleared that first hurdle, they are allowed to come to the mill where they are visually inspected for cross-contamination and then put through sampling and lab testing for those forbidden grains yet again. Only those that pass this test may be allowed into the mill to be made into our oat flakes. Once our oat flakes are milled, the oats are tested yet again to meet our specifications down to 5 parts per million of gluten using the most sensitive R5 Elisa certified test available.

Only the oats that meet our specifications are cleared for shipment to Libre Naturals. Upon their arrival in our facility, they are not allowed to be used until they have been sampled and tested yet again for gluten, along with several other food allergen tests.

As of December 2012, we also began testing our oats for G12.  This test is based on new science that says some Celiacs react to pure oats not because of gluten grains contamination but because certain varieties of pure oats are not suitable for a small percentage of Celiacs.  Scientists were able to isolate the portion of the oat DNA chain that caused this reaction so we now also test our oats for this G12 amino acid strand, eliminating varieties of oats that are known to cause reactions for some Celiacs.

Once cleared by our Quality Assurance team, they are now ready to be packed in our dedicated gluten free and allergy friendly facility.