Shipping and Return Policies


Standard Ground (10 - 15 business days):  Orders are shipped from our warehouse on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, via our Fedex warehouse in Blaine, Washington.  Weekends and holidays are not included in business days.  The total delivery time includes the time it takes to process your order plus shipment to the American border, US Customs and FDA clearance, plus actual shipping time in the USA.

Express Ground (5-7 business days):  When you choose this option, orders are shipped from our warehouse on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, directly to your home via Fedex Home Delivery.  Weekends and holidays are not included in business days.  The total delivery time includes the time it takes to process your order, US Customs and FDA clearance, plus actual shipping time in the USA.  This option is only available for orders totalling under $200 and is not applicable to any free shipping coupons.

International Air (1-3 business days):  This option is only available by calling our customer service department although air shipments are not always available to all locations and we will advise you on this.  The cost for air shipping will be determined when we input your order details into our Fedex quote system and is due by credit card payment when you accept this option.  Weekends and holidays are not included in business days.  The total delivery time includes the time it takes to process your order plus air shipment time which varies depending on whether you are in a major city with longer times outside of major urban areas. This option is not covered by any free shipping coupons.

Delivery Times:  All deliveries by Fedex take place during regular business hours from Monday through Saturday for home delivery.  If you are not home and the driver feels it is unsafe to leave a package, a notice will be left with further instructions for redelivery or a pickup location.  To avoid this, we suggest you ship to an address where someone is available to receive the delivery during business hours, such as your workplace.

If you order over the weekend, on a holiday or after 10 am on a business day, your order will not be processed until the next business day under normal business volume conditions.

Please note that couriers cannot deliver to PO boxes.  Please use only your street address.

Shipping Costs

Order Amount

Standard Ground

Express Ground

International Air




Fedex Quote




Fedex Quote

All shipping costs include US Customs and FDA fees.  If for any reason, you receive a bill for these services, please let us know within 24 hours toll free at 1-866-714-5411 or at


US Customs and FDA

Please note that US Customs/FDA may choose at any time to detain a package and may require the SSN of the US recipient before releasing the package, regardless of the method of transport or value of the package. Although very rare in our experience, any delays and/or demanded information are due to US Customs/FDA and are completely beyond our control.


Order Cancellation and Changes

If you need to make a change prior to shipment, please contact us toll free at 1.866.714.5411 and quote your order number.  Order cancellations or changes to your order may not occur once an order has been shipped.


Change of Shipping Address

If you require the shipment address to be changed once an order has been shipped, you will be charged a redirection fee.  This fee is what the courier company charges us and ranges from $10 to $50 depending on your location and is payable by credit card when the change is requested.  Please ensure that you type in the correct shipping address upon checkout.

If the change of shipping is required due to our mistake, you will have your order redirected to you at no charge.


Return Policy

For the safety of all Libre Naturals’ customers we do not return food items, regardless of their condition, therefore all sales at Libre Naturals are final.

Ingredients, nutrition and allergens for all Libre Naturals’ products are posted on each product's page, and it is a customer's responsibility to read and understand them, contact us to ask questions if necessary, and to select only those items that are safe for their specific diet.


Order Tracking

When your order is shipped from our warehouse using the standard ground shipping option, our shipping system will send you an email to confirm your shipment - this email will include a tracking number and link to enable you to track your package.  Your tracking number will show that your order is at the Libre Naturals’ Canadian warehouse until it is cleared by US Customs, even if it’s already left us.  Once cleared, you will then be able to see its movement only within the USA.

All other methods of shipping allow for you to track your package in real time from the moment we entered it into the Fedex system in our facility.


Chocolate Shipment Policy

When shipping chocolate items, there is a risk of product damage during warm weather or when shipping to warmer climates.  If you choose to ship any products that have chocolate in them, you assume the risk of this possibility when you place an order for those items with Libre Naturals Inc.

If granola bars do get overheated, the granola bars and chocolate should resume their shape if left to return to room temperature without being handled.  The heat will not  affect the taste or quality of the bars although long term shelf life may be compromised.

Any chocolate that has been heated and then cooled may get "bloom", a gray surface on the chocolate.  Bloom is not harmful and does not change the quality of the chocolate; it's simply the cocoa fat coming to the surface of the chocolate.  If bloom is visible on baking chocolate, it will disappear as soon as the chocolate is exposed to heat again upon baking.


Damaged Shipment

With the exception of melted chocolate, if any package arrives damaged, refuse the package and have it sent directly back to us.  Upon receipt of that package, we will replace the damaged contents and ship the replacement immediately with no additional cost to you. 

Please notify us of your damaged shipment claim within 24 hours of the initial shipment with our customer care team at 1-866-714-5411 or at     


Missing Shipment

Please allow the full shipping time indicated above to elapse before contacting us about a missing shipment.  We can then work with Fedex to track down your shipment.

If you have given permission for the driver to leave the shipment when you were not home, Libre Naturals is not responsible for the missing shipment.  We strongly suggest that you provide a shipping address where you know someone will be present during the day.  Many people choose to ship to their work address for this reason.


Special Delivery Instructions

Unfortunately, none of our carriers accept special delivery instructions.  We will place a note on the shipping documents if you indicate a request on your order but the driver may or may not heed those instructions.